May 30, 2018, 12:00 AM

Apostle's Pen

Greetings, Saints of the most High God!!

Welcome to your new season!  We are in a new dimension/A new dispensation of time.  This is a SET TIME, foreordained by God, for this hour Psalm 102:13.  This is your ACCEPTABLE TIME!  This is your TIME OF SALVATION, Isaiah 49:8,9.  During this season God is demonstrating His Favor, Love, and Mercy upon His people.  His people that call upon His name believing that by faith, He hears and do!  This is a TIME OF AMNESTY -PARDON.  As we repent, God's grace is available to bring change this season.  God is blessing His people tremendously.  He is making His people examples of His Glory on earth.  Your responsibility is to Obey Holy Spirit and BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE.                  

Dr. Victor Wynn, Senior Pastor, Remnant Church International

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