January 15, 2019, 11:31 AM

Apostle's Pen 2019


Greetings, Saints of the most High God!!

Congratulations!  You have entered into 2019!  You have overcome the testing, trials, and tribulations of 2018 and NOW is your time to EMERGE as pure gold!  Job 23:10 (HBSC version).  Our Word from the Lord for 2019 is EMERGE!  Which means to "Rise up," "To become relevant," and to "Rise up from inferiority to a position of Authority."  God's Glory is being mademanifest throughout 2019.  The manifested Glory of God will not be regulated to just church related activity.  There will be manifestations in the Marketplaces and secular jobs as well.  This is the season of promotion!  Remain close to God!  Keep Him prominent in your life!  Make sure God's Word is priority and you will EMERGE IN 2019!  Go and be great!  Psalms 71:21

Dr. Victor N. Wynn, Senior Pastor, Remnant Church International



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April 29, 2014, 5:54 PM

God is healing the Land!

Our hearts are heavy,humbled but still filled with Faith and Hope as our state deal with the after math of destruction left by  April tornadoes.We are happy to see many people, businesses and Churches come together to help heal and assist our communities! I strongly urge people everywhere to get to know GOD before you need HIM. By doing so it will speed up your healing and help and in some cases avoid the hurt.The bible states to "Seek Him while He may be found".     Apostle Victor Wynn