Remnant Church International, Head Quarters Little Rock, AR
Apostle: Dr. Victor Wynn

Remnant Church International Little Rock is the fastest growing church in the world! Under the leadership of Apostle Victor Wynn, the vision for those who are connected to Remnant Church is clear and that is to Teach, Train, Develop, and Send with the knowledge that Remnant Church is where you discover your destiny through discipleship. Remnant Church was established by God to bring the people in the pews forward and to empower them to use their talents and abilities to build the Kingdom of God at home, on their jobs, or wherever their is an opportunity to win a soul because sheep beget sheep. As Remnant continues to walk in their destiny, by planting churches, breaking yolks, setting captives free, and pulling down strong holds in their assigned territory in Little Rock and around the world, there is no doubt that we will take a million or more souls with us to Heaven. Hallelujah! This is a Holy Ghost church! Glory to God!

Remnant Church Little Rock is the first location of planted Remnant Covenant of Churches as well as the Headquarters for Remnant Churches worldwide!

God is moving at an accelerated pace as Remnant Church just turned 5 years old. There is nothing impossible for God especially when you have a heart for people and a yearning desire to see God's will done on the earth! Remnant Church has answered their call and through God manifestations of mircales, signs, and wonders are being carried out all over the world!

   March 2019   
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